We are an international company that builds premium quality smartphone and tablet applications for both consumer and enterprise markets.

The Swiss Digital is part of the NTH Group of companies – a Swiss based company composed of 22 companies across 17 countries worldwide. We are a leading European AISP (Application and Infrastructure Service Provider) for services based on SMS, MMS, Voice, Internet and Media broadcast technologies.

NTH Group has been creating innovative mobile solutions since 1999, and is today established as one of the pioneers in mobile application development in Europe.


Things that matter...

  • High Capacity and Scalability Over 250 consultants, designers, usability experts, developers, and QA testers.
  • Competence Our experts have worked with a number of leading European companies.
  • International Local solutions meet global trends with international offices and local personnel.
  • Full Service Fully integrated services, including consultancy, design and development.
  • Speed We deliver quality solutions with time-to-market decreased by more than 50%.
  • No Subcontractors or Outsourcing All work is done in-house, retaining full control of the project at any time.

... with a touch of Swissness.

  • Reliable Our solutions are tested, retested, and then tested again, providing complete reliability.
  • Precise The commissioned development will be delivered precisely to its specification. Guaranteed.
  • Quality Our frameworks are constantly evolving, consistently maintaining high quality standards at all times.
  • Stable After-delivery support includes monitoring, maintenance and updates which ensure the solution is stable in all environments.
  • Secure We work with 100% own technical infrastructure, thus retaining full control over all data information.