Enterprise apps

The business sector is increasingly starting to realise the potential of mobile enterprise apps. The ability to mobilise business processes improves efficiency, best practices, and profits of the company.

With our integration expertise with leading software providers such as SAP, IBM and Oracle, we are able to build fully integrated and 100% secure applications to present your data on mobile devices.

All of the products in our Enterprise portfolio are built on our Mobility Connector platform which provides the foundation for quick deployments, 100% configuration, and a lower total cost of ownership over multiple implementations.

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Turn any tablet into a powerful sales and presentation tool.

Papers and spreadsheets are a thing of the past–your sales force can have centrally organised and updated sales materials right at their fingertips.





Key features

  • Content management

    Upload your files and organize them in one or more content profiles. You can also integrate the content from your own database feed with ease.

  • Paper Free

    Save time and energy with our eco-friendly solution. Concentrate on following up leads instead of being buried under a mountain of forms and admin.

  • Centrally updated

    All of the information is updated and managed from one central admin account, thus ensuring that the entire sales force has up-to-date material, along with the latest offers, prices, etc.

  • Products catalogue

    Beautifully laid out product displays organised in categories, along with detailed descriptions, image galleries, videos, and specification sheets. It also includes a search function.

  • Profile management

    Organize your sales force giving teams access only to relevant data.

  • Offline mode

    All app features are available offline. As soon as you go back online, data will be auto-synchronised with the database.

  • Fully branded

    Fully customised for the look and feel of your brand.

  • Share content

    Easily share any document or presentations with your clients.

  • Calendar

    Share information about your upcoming conferences, trade shows and events. Invitations can be sent instantly using the app.

  • Document viewer

    Upload your presentations, price lists, sales material, or any other collateral and present it straight from the app.

Digital catalogues

Simple to use, this tool enables you distribute your digital catalogues with great ease, while reducing your carbon footprint.

E-commerce functionality enables immediate purchases.

At the same time, detailed analytics provide you with insight into user behaviour.





 Key features

  • E-commerce integration

    Web shop integration enables purchase of products directly from the tablet application

  • Data Collection

    Fill in forms increase lead generation (registration forms, opt in forms, surveys, etc.)

  • Custom Branding

    Branded tablet application for iOS or Android

  • Maps and Geolocation

    Maps integration with full-screen display of maps with points of interest

  • Ease of use

    The platform is very intuitive and simple to use, and it allows for very fast production and distribution

  • Cross Platform Distribution

    Your catalogues can be distributed on iPad and Android tablets, as well as viewed in HTML5 version on browsers

  • Rich media

    Web Digital Publishing Suite that allows you to add interactive multimedia content (image and video galleries, detailed product description, links to external web pages, HTML5 interactive widgets, etc.)

  • Advertising

    Easy integration of advertising networks

Trade shows

Easy data capture, product showcase and document distribution, this handy tool is a perfect solution for trade show sales team.

Originally developed for Mitsubishi, it was proven to be great success across various industries.





Key features

  • Paper Free

    Save time and energy with our eco-friendly solution. Concentrate on following up leads instead of being buried under a mountain of forms and admin.

  • CRM Integration

    Our technical team can set up the system to seamlessly integrate your leads straight to your CRM system such as Salesforce or lead scoring platforms like Eloqua.

  • Works Offline

    Wi-Fi unreliable? Don’t worry you can capture and store leads offline. As soon as you go back online, leads auto-synchronise with the database and follow-up emails are automatically sent out.

  • Badge Scan

    The ability to scan QR Codes and barcodes has made initial contact capture snappier than ever. This feature requires an SDK from show organizers ahead of time and some setup on our end.

  • Multimedia product presentation

    Media rich presentation of your products - texts, images, video galleries and 360 view

  • Media Viewer

    Upload your PDF's and show off your literature right from the system. You can attach them as a link to a follow up email too.

Document management

Ideal solution for enterprises having decentralized workforce. It enables centralized document management and instant distribution to employees.

Advanced user and rights management provides full access control.

The app can also be used for distribution of marketing material, brochures, study cases and other communications collateral.





Key features

  • User Management

    User authorization allows to restrict access to documents and actions performed to app users

  • Department Segmentation

    Organize users into units that perfectly follow your internal corporate organization.

  • Multilevel Categories

    Organize documents into multilevel groups for easier navigation

  • Version Control

    Automatic document updating and revocation

  • Analytics and BI

    Advanced monitoring of application usage

  • SaaS

    Intuitive web-based CMS for complete application management

  • Custom Branding

    Fully customised for the look and feel of your brand.

  • Communication tools

    Push notifications broadcasting enables instant communication with the users.

  • Rich Media

    You have an option to make your documents interactive by adding rich media such as image galleries, embedded videos, HTML widgets etc.