Our work

These are just some of the applications we have developed for our clients. We have developed many more, but, some information is protected by confidentiality agreement with clients. Otherwise, this page would be so long, you’d be scrolling for hours.

Toyota Hybrid

Developed for Toyota Switzerland, this consumer facing app is promotional tool that gives deep insight into Toyota's hybrid car models, highlighting advantages of using the new technology.

Toyota Sales Accelerator

Developed for Toyota Switzerland, the app aims at increasing efficiency of sales teams by providing all the car information at a swipe of a finger.


The multi lingual application provides all the essential information to  SwissPost customers.


The application features over 10.000 products with detailed info on each product, direct purchases from within the application, info regarding the offices, stores and other POI and much more.

Toyota iPhone App

Created for Toyota Switzerland, this app is built on our car showroom framework.

Emil Frey

Emil Frey is one of Switzerland’s largest car reseller companies. The iPhone application is built on our car dealership framework.


Coop is the second largest retailer in Switzerland. The company wanted to reach their customer base in new and innovative ways via mobile devices.

Mitsubishi Consumer App

Created for Mitsubishi Switzerland, this application is built on our showroom framework.

Mitusbishi Trade Show App

Created for Mitsubishi’s appearance on the Geneva Trade Show, this application is built on our sales tools enterprise platform which can be easily adopted for various industries.